Mr. Feroz Baig started out as a surgical instruments maker in local market Pakistan. Over the years of his career, he named the various designs throughout his carrier of many unique instruments and a large following of apprentices. During his career he was regarded as the Master-craftsman and most revered member of the guild of surgical instrument manufacturers.


During early 1967, two sons Mr. Azeem Baig & Mr.Saleem Baig joined hands with their father and become a good team. They worked hard and add some dental instruments, increasingly supply of the surgical instruments to other hospitals in the territory as well.

 They later established Health & Wealth Company to brand his instruments and quickly turned the business into a success. 


Mr Anwar Baig, the younger son of Mr. Feroz baig joined business and served with an excellent record in mobilization and further expansion. Substantial increase in business and international relations with clients throughout the world, mr. ANWAR BAIG made it to pinnacle of success in the surgical industry


Improved grooming, insight, self-motivation and working experience enforce Mr. Anwar Baig to establish a new company of his own.
During the same year Allegro surgical is formed, the company makes its first export to Mr. Tan Ah Bee Singapore.


Allegro starts out as a traditional import & export firm comprising of only 25 employees. Gradually, the company generates enough revenue to acquire a small factory space constructed on 1100(sq ft) in islamia college Road Sialkot – Pakistan.
The company generates export yield through the customers in Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, USA, Philippines, Italy, Moldova etc


Mr imran baig The younger son of MR. ANWAR BAIG joined the company as proprietor, He made a team of selected artisans and worked hard for the enrichment and expansion of the business with due enthusiasm. A target had been set by him to achieve a reputation in the international market to accomplish his ideas.


This year Under the Leadership of Mr. imran baig, Allegro bullied new factory in Passrour road  Sialkot, but we expand our production as well and start manufacturing orthopedic & diagnostic instruments under skilled craftsmen, having technical operator for CNC & milling machines for quality products with  +0.5mm tolerance. Now we have all in house production for all items except hammering & heating process.

1- warehouse Factory (Pasrour road Sialkot 13000sq Area)

2- 2ND UNIT ( Jinnah Islamia college road 2000sq Area)

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