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Allegro Surgical consists of an outstanding team of ambitious, highly skilled and dedicated professionals, determined to make a difference. We all share the same philosophy on how to address unmet needs in healthcare world.

  • Aamir Chiragh
  • Product Development
  • Atif khan Sherwani
  • Production Executive
  • Mohammad Iqbal
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Our Values:
  • 1. Open, honest, sincere & ethical best quality services.
  • 2. Winning Customers.
  • 3. Setting above average standards.
  • 4. Commendable & relay able for Clients & Stakeholders.
  • 5. Committed to level of Excellence.
  • 6. Trendsetter in Technology adoption.
  • 7. Employees are the OWNERS.

Allegro is an employee owned company of Craftsmen and has got a good reputation for quality and reliability. Our significant manufacturing steps are being described here-under briefly:


We believe that quality can only be achieved through quality raw material. As such, the best quality raw materials are purchased and are subjected to composition and hardness testing through in-house in order to ensure that only the best materials are passed on to production departments. Kinds of series i.e. 300, 410 and 420 of stainless steel used for production of Surgical Instruments.


The purchased raw material is thoroughly tested under PQA Authority. A rigid quality control policy is being adopted before releasing to production. This test is taken to check the standard of steel as per desired specifications and is considered the most important factor of our business.


With the help of dyes and hammers the process being run of cutting shaped raw instruments. In the forging process, our skilled Craftsman give life to the metal and give it the rudimentary shape that will go through series of complicated processes.

the stainless steel strips/bars are divided into different sizes as per our requirements and send to highly experienced craftsmen specialized in forging (Hot/Cold Drop) to perform all standard press operations in forming and deep drawing of all type of instruments. They anneal the forging and prepare for the milling process.

At the stage of forging inspection, every forged tool comes for checking to ensure no piece contains any cracks or is reshaped beyond the acceptable limits. There are further steps for checking the quality of raw instruments: -

  • 1. Shape fault
  • 2. Broken

Our milling / Machining section have best quality milling, grinding and CNC machines which are operated by the we trained experts for good milling of the scissors, forceps, ratchets, serration teeth,box cutting, and for all others related process for ensuring exact perfection before filling. For this, top quality imported cutters are used. We also manufacturer some of our special products in CNC machines to get high quality products.We are manufacturing some of our products in +.05mm tolerance.


We are specialized in hand–made fabrication. First, we assemble male/female portion after setting/adjusting of Extracting Forceps and Scissors, tips, serrations, ratchets in uniformity and file precisely to make it semi-finish under strictly quality control specifications.At this stage the steel is not too hard yet so the process of filling is used to shape the instruments in the exact shape they are required to be. The workers match the shape exactly with the samples or the specific shape provided them at this stage. So here the instruments get most similar of their shapes at this stage.

Filling Inspection:

At the final inspection, filling the inspection is made.
The measurements and shapes are checked according to samples.
All the instruments checked with special gauges.


All instruments are being tempered maintaining “Rock-Well Hardness” for Hemostat/Forceps 40° to 45° degree, Extracting Forceps & Retractor 45º to 50º degree, Scalar, Gauges and Scalpel 50° to 55 º degrees, Scissors 45° to 55° degree. A test is taken to check the hardness after tempering of each lot to maintain the uniformity and before proceeding further, we clean all instruments by various chemicals. In addition, we will buy specialized Q/C equipment in near future to meet special customer Q/C. specifications.

Snaffling Fitting

Snaffling fitting is for scissors and forceps they are in two pieces so they are joined in this process with screw. Scissors and forces are usually joint with two kinds of joint. Some instruments joint with the Lap joint and some are with the Box joint and it depends on choice. Tweezers shape Forceps are joined before and their joint is leveled with a machine by burning the raw material on the joint so there is no any doubt in fitting. At the same stage, instruments are filled to eliminate welding suspensions.


We perform a wide variety of assembly operations from prototype quantities to production run. We rivet precisely each instrument such as, Hemostat/Forceps and Scissors, Extracting Forceps & Retractor, etc. But, for some kind of instruments, we use spot welding.


For precise grinding and excellent finish, we specialize in applying polishing wheels to belts to improve the overall finish in high uniformity utilizing best of polishing luster. We use electro-plating plants to polish serrations/ratchets and joints of stainless steel instruments. For satin/matt finish instruments, we use glass heads to achieve uniformity. All instruments are being polished under rigid quality control specifications.


For sandblasting our instruments, we use the machines as well as the best quality sandblasting material, which are operated by skilled & well trained operators.


Using the top quality imported chemicals in our passivation department, we boil test and passivate each and every instruments for 24 hours before packing. If need arises, the instruments are re passivated so as to eliminate any chances of rusting or corrosion during the life of the instruments. Our instruments are rust free for life through we give guarantee for 3 years.


We inspect all instruments under rigid Q/C. specifications and give the assurance to our relative clients that all instruments shall be free from all defects such as, burrs, sharp edges, cracks, pitting, scratches, grease / excessive oil and foreign matters etc. In the Q. A Inspection 4% of the all instruments are get inspection by Quality achievement Directors. Samples for inspection are taken adventionaly and they are observed to every bit of detail. Even the smallest difference from quality standards could make result in refuse of whole lot.

For stamping, we use process i.e. die sunk, electrolytic marking & laser marking and are being marked under customer’s specifications.


We are full equipped with most modern ultrasonic cleaning plants imported from “Branson Cleaning Equipment Co. USA”, and all instruments are being cleaned properly utilizing various chemicals such as, Tri-Chloroethlyine etc.
In this process the instruments are dipped in two materials for cleaning the polish raw thing on it. It take times 1 min. for first material and then for half min. to other material. Ultrasonic cleaning cleans any polishing material stuck and leaves the instrument crystal clear.


We inspect all instruments under rigid Q/C. specfications and give the assurance to our relative clients that all instruments shall be free from all defects such as, burrs, sharp edges, cracks, pitting, scratches, grease / excessive oil etc.


We pack all instruments under strictly Q/C. specifications as per customer’s demand. Normally, we pack individually in polybag and further 12 pieces in one box mentioning outside with Part Number, Description and Lot Number. All instruments are packed in polybags with adequate desiccant in each polybag to absorb moisture. Mostly, we are packaging and labeling as per customer demand


We have stock for many regular items in our warehouse for in time and quick deliveries to our valuable clients.
We also have stock of many semi finish instruments too.

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